Source code is available for


10 Oct

Api docs released for
Api v1 released for more

04 Oct

New Ui stack added
Ui of has been changed from server side to client side with react framework and all the server side interactions will done via APIs

21 Aug

New apps added for pinmyblogs
An initiative just started to make life simpler and easy.Download Now

27 Jul

New url shortner for pinmyblogs
New website which is a url shortener for also can be use as an independent service.

07 Jul

New Dashboard Ui
Introduced to new Dashboard with enhanced functionality and compatible to mobile devices.Minor Bug fixes.

26 Jun

New Landing Page added.
First Draft went to production for the website. Also new channel on the youtube. Click here

18 Jun

Show Category added in dashboard.
All categories are added in list so that url can be moved instantly.

18 Jun

Code Refactoring.
Code Refactoring gives instant boost in performance and hence Level UP.

14 Jun

First Bug Fix.
Static page content issue .Registration page errors. Git ignore file.

14 Jun

Created the
Officially registered on the web.